Our Expertise

The FPInnovations network of industrial advisors, scientists, economists and technologists, has expertise throughout the entire forestry value chain from resource development, resource extraction and manufacturing, right on through to product branding and market development.

Historically we have worked with Aboriginal communities in the following areas:

Manufacturing Processes

  • Bioenergy

Primary manufacturing

  • Lumber production
  • Drying
  • Engineered wood products and panels

Secondary manufacturing

  • Value added specialty products
  • Custom mill work
  • Furniture and kitchen cabinets

Harvesting and Transportation


Non Timber Forest Products

CNC Aboriginal art opportunities

Market Intelligence and Economics

What we can Provide

We provide customized products and services that meet the unique needs of each Aboriginal community The following services are an example of what can be provided and do not represent the full extent of what FPInnovations can offer. Contact the program lead in your area if you have any questions regarding the scope of what can be done through this program.[/highlight]

On-site Information Sessions

Building Wealth with Wood information sessions are presented in an Aboriginal context that respects social, economic and cultural values and realities. The primary goal of these sessions is to communicate the potential opportunities that exist within the industry. This session also outlines the Aboriginal Forest Support Program, helps to establish relationships and provides the framework for FPInnovations to provide services to the Aboriginal communities.

Market Intelligence and Product Knowledge

Gathering market intelligence and product knowledge is critical as communities look to develop forestry and manufacturing based business. It is important to understand the gaps for products and services in localized areas. With this knowledge, we can identify   opportunities that are right for the community and align well with traditional values and the available expertise.

Feasibility Studies

Studies can identify the issues that will impact the ability of Aboriginal communities to establish and maintain viable forest product businesses. These studies can include, but are not limited to, an analysis of current and potential markets, evaluation of capital and operational costs, evaluation of the fibre supply, a review of alternatives, impacts to local employment etc. These studies can provide guidance to communities as they look to make an informed investment decisiont

Technical Assessments

Technical assessments of new technologies provide relevant and timely information to community leaders so they can make informed decisions before adopting new technologies (e.g. Investing in a bio-energy facility) or making capital investments (e.g. manufacturing facility). These assessments include recommendations that a community can use on its journey towards continuous improvement.

Operational Evaluations

On-site evaluations of the business structure, harvest planning activities and timber harvesting practices for community-based logging operations can identify capacity gaps and inefficient processes. The  realizations and recommendations from  these evaluations have immediate positive impacts. They contribute to more efficient machine interactions, increased productivity, increased utilization, compliance with environmental legislation and operating ground rules and the ability to generate increased wealth and prosperity for the community.

Technical Advisory Service

FPInnovations experts provide technical assistance to forest harvesting operations, operators of wood products manufacturing facilities, as well as to log, timber frame and conventional building construction businesses to improve processes and maximize profits.

Product and Standards Development Support

FPInnovations can provide technical expertise for the development of new wood products, building codes, industry standards and thermal performance guidelines for the construction of log, timber frame and conventional buildings.

Technical Literature and Bulletins

FPInnovations can produce technical literature and bulletins for Aboriginal communities that enhance the technological development of the Aboriginal forestry value-added chain.

Best Management Practices

FPInnovations develops and disseminates best management practices relating to forest product (timber and non-timber) harvesting, transportation, small-scale wood products manufacturing, and various phases of log, timber frame and conventional building construction.

Technical Workshops

Workshops are an excellent way to provide technical training and transfer the knowledge necessary to build the capacity of community members to take on the many challenges of the forestry and manufacturing sectors. FPInnovations can customize and build workshops specific to the needs of the community. The following list provides an example of workshops that have been developed and delivered.

  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Contactor Business Skills
  • Grader Operator
  • Fuel Management 101
  • Smart Driver for Forestry Fleets
  • Trucking Efficiency
  • Fuel Efficiency for the Forest Sector

Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Using methodologies already being implemented by FPInnovations within the existing forest industry value chain, our staff will incorporate lean manufacturing practices in Aboriginal operations to increase efficiencies.

Communities that are interested in accessing the Aboriginal Forestry Support program should contact us