Accessing the Program

Communities that are interested in accessing the Indigenous Forestry program should contact;

In British Columbia:

Dave McRae
Phone: 250 713-1721

Chris Gaston
Cell: 778 227-3962

In Alberta:

Chad Gardeski
Phone: 780 817-1440

In Saskatchewan and Manitoba:

Peter Sigurdson
Cell: 306 930-9880

In Ontario:

John Pineau
Cell: 705 845-6310

In the Atlantic Provinces:

Anne Lebrun Ruff
Cell: 506 261-1197

The steps that follow include:

  1. FPInnovations can come out to the community to deliver a “Building Wealth with Wood” information session to the community leaders and will listen to the needs of the community. We will help the leaders develop a project that fits with the community’s values, goals and objectives.
  1. Once the scope of the project is agreed to, FPInnovations will develop a letter of understanding (LOU) between the community and FPInnovations
  1. FPInnovations will carry out the project and fulfill the agreed upon deliverables
  1. An impact statement is developed by the community and is sent to FPInnovations